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Era of sail

The Age of Sail (usually dated as –) was a period roughly corresponding to the early modern period in which international trade and naval warfare. Era Of Sail. likes. Own your sea port back to the Age of Discovery! Download on your iPhone and iPad: People look at Dutch ship, the Stad Amsterdam, sailing yesterday on the Seine on the last day of the 'Armada' sailing boat meeting in Duclair.

The military era of sail began to close with the American Civil War, when the advantages of ironclads like the Monitor became apparent. Commercial sailing. Cutty Sark is one of the last remaining examples of an extreme clipper– a ship of elegant and beautiful design, with a refined hull shape, raked. Founded in , DreaminGame Inc. dedicates to mobile interactive service of high technology to provide players with high quality games.

Clipper ships were very fast sailing ships widely used in the midth century. Era of Sail is a seaworthy tycoon game, but it's not without some leaks in the hull. Columbus, the protagonist of DreaminGame's Era of Sail, is a. Although the launching of sailing ships into the Wear is well beyond living memory, the romance of sail continues to invoke a powerful sense of.

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