How to episode 2 of the wolf among us download

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How to episode 2 of the wolf among us

Important choices | Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors The Wolf Among Us Guide 2 . It's up to Snow - You let Snow come with you /. If you selected the first option. Bigby is being questioned by the police about Snow's murder. You can choose to play it cool. Not giving an answer progresses the game as well. Follow Snow to the body. The body looks just like Snow at first glance. Examine each point of interest. The brooch is not something Snow wears. The neck mark.

Bluebeard is in the middle of an interrogation. Bigby takes over the interrogation. Dee will play it dumb so you have to soften him up a bit. Depending on what. The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors. Above: In this scene, you can choose to be Bad Cop or Slightly Less Bad Cop. The Wolf Among Us Walkthrough covers the major Player Choices that tailor the story, and features playthrough videos.

2, "Smoke and Mirrors", Jason Latino, Dave Grossman, Adam Hines and becomes more involved with Beauty and Beast's affairs.

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