Htc salsa sync download

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Htc salsa sync

Installing an app from your computer to HTC Salsa. Synchronizing another device with your computer. Downloading the latest HTC Sync upgrade. Transfer your contacts, photos, videos and sms messages from HTC Salsa ce into After succesful login press "Synchronize" for complete synchronization. This Agreement is between the HTC Corporation (or based on where you live, one of its affiliates) and you (an individual) for the HTC Sync Manager software.

Looking to download the latest HTC Salsa USB drivers for your Windows computer? If so, you have come to the right website! Look over the. It's here on the Salsa too, and although the actual options haven't changed ( charge only, disk drive, HTC sync, USB tethering and internet pass. Please download here HTC Salsa Sync PC Suite USB Driver for connecting with Computer Windows OS. This kies Software compatible to.

HTC Sync is a free tool to synchronize your media files between your HTC phone (for example Android) and your desktop computer. Other than. Tips & Tricks HTC Salsa. How to Recover Contacts in HTC Salsa. Your phone suddenly Not to mention earlier sync with Gmail account. Our last possible. Desktop cradle for charging and synchronising your HTC Salsa. - HTC Salsa Desktop Sync and Charge Cradle.

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