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By Negul

Emotional Wound

Despite your emotional wounds, the hurt will pass and the scars will eventually heal. To relive the pain reinforces the experience because you. It's healthy to share painful experiences—but there's a difference between honoring emotions and wallowing in them. One of the deepest emotional wounds is rejection because those who suffer from it feel it inside, interpreting everything that happens around.

For the better part of the year, we built our Emotional Wound Thesaurus here at the blog and talked quite a bit in individual posts about the. Healing Those Stubborn Emotional Wounds Mary was experiencing low self- esteem and worthlessness. She'd say her eyes were “broken faucets.” She'd cry. waved and kept right on walking. IThe stored response from the emotional and physical wounding would automatically surface to protect us. But it wouldn't be.

This darkness is more than often a manifestation of some sort of emotional grief − or wound, if you please. Getting rid of these could be as hard as getting gum off. When we develop a wound we tend to become over sensitive to factors that didn't use to bother us before. The same goes for emotional wounds: What if you. All I experienced was a deep fear, confusion, and hurt in that moment. This is an example of the beginning of an emotional wound which can be. Have you suffered an emotional wound from which you have not yet healed? Try this 3-stage approach to ridding yourself of the hurt.

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