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Htc location app

This App lets you bypass "HTC Locations" and select a map application of your choice when you want to display a location out of your contacts or calendar. Location settings. From the Home screen, swipe up and then tap Settings > Location. If the On/Off switch is off, tap it to turn on location mode. Tap Mode, and then select one of the following location modes: High accuracy provides a better estimate of your location. Some apps use your location to provide information that you need. Choose a location mode to use based on how accurate you want these apps to determine.

In order to find your location on HTC One M9, you need to enable location sources. From the Home screen, tap > Settings > Location. Tap the On/Off switch to turn location services on and off. Under Location sources, select the location mode you want. This feature can provide fake location data about where the phone is located to a specified app. Note: Developer options are for development and te. as I now know, HTC has discontinued their service for the navigation app HTC Locations in July Here is the answer of my contact: Quote.

Owners of an HTC Desire HD or Desire Z will soon have an alternative to the Google Maps Navigation sat-nav software, thanks to a partnership. Today, my HTC 10 was updated to Oreo Why is the GPS location notification in the VZW category of notifications? the default, and when going into an app that requested the GPS location, I heard that unique sound. You can let apps use your device's location to take actions for you or give you information. For example, apps can use it to see commute traffic or find nearby.

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