Sociopathia download

By Sara


Walking the fine line between sanity and insanity, a reclusive prop maker for low- budget movies meets an alluring novice producer, as her already frail grip on. Introverted and peculiar, Mara spends her days fabricating props for movies. Terrified of being alone, Mara refuses to let her lovers leave, sadistically murdering them and keeping their corpses as living dolls. However, only when Mara meets the alluring novice producer, Kat, her. Meek and innocent movie props builder Mara (Tammy Jean) is outwardly timid when it comes to romancing women, but her mild exterior covers up a.

Sociopathia movie poster Sociopathia is the directorial debut of scream queen Ruby LaRocca and Rich Mallery. With an opening sequence. Sociopathia. Horror. 1 h 26 min. English audio. CC Unrated. Tells the story of Mara, a new breed of psychopath: one who on the outside appears to be an. SOCIOPATHIA tells the story of Mara, a new breed of psychopath, one who on the outside appears to be an introverted girl-next-door, but secretly harbors a.

Sociopathiamovie-Ruby-Larocca_Rich-Mallery--(7). SYNOPSIS: A special effects and makeup artist for film productions has a deep dark.

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